Minimum Age At Canadian Online Casinos

Online casinos in Canada continue to gain popularity and draw the interest of the young generation. This is although there is a lot of debate on the legality of online casinos in Canada. Playing online casinos in Canada is legal but that is not the case with operating an online casino in Canada. Therefore, fans of online casinos look for internationally operated casinos and generate their earnings without ever being any charges put up against any Canadian player.

However, there is a certain minimum which one needs to attain to legally participate in online casinos. Meeting the minimum age and other stipulated requirements is a necessary obligation otherwise you may find yourself in some trouble sooner or later.

Then what is the minimum age to gamble online?

Throughout the country, the minimum age to gamble in online casinos is 19 years. There are three provinces in Canada that are exceptional to this rule. The provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec have 18 years as the minimum legal age. It is worth mentioning that these rules of minimum age requirement have to be met for both land casinos as well as online casinos in Canada.

What are other gambling rules varying in provinces in Canada?

The rules to gambling that apply in various provinces of Canada are mentioned hereunder.

  • Alberta: As stated, the minimum age is 18 and legal forms of gambling on land are casinos, lotteries, and horse betting.
  • British Columbia: You need to be 19 to go for gambling here. The casino site, British Columbia Lottery Corporation is legal and government-sanctioned. Games like bingo, blackjack, craps, poker, sports betting, and slots are featured on this site.
  • Labrador: The state lottery in Labrador is the government-approved online gambling. One needs to be 19 years or older to indulge in gambling here.
  • Manitoba: Here, internet gambling is sanctioned with the same corporation as in British Columbia and the minimum age is 18.
  • New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories/Nunavut Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and Yukon: In all these states, the minimum age is 19 and the legal internet gambling includes the lottery run by the state.
  • Quebec: As mentioned, the minimum to attain to gamble here is 18. Government-authorized gambling includes online poker games through Loto Quebec and the state-administered lottery.

The prospects for online casinos in Canada appear highly promising. The rules are quite encouraging for online gamblers. Nonetheless, rules tend to modify with time and hence one should always keep themselves updated of all the necessary information.